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Mike Jennings
Lead Investigator

JTAC Investigations - Private Investigation
 in VT

46 Jennings Lane - South Ryegate, VT 05069
Phone:  (
802) 279-6815 


School Administrators please read!

Background and pre-employment screening.

Can you afford to hire the wrong person as a teacher, a coach? What about volunteers? Are they exempt from problems? The answer is NO!

Business owners please read!

Background and pre-employment screening 

If you're an employer you know how important it is to run a background investigation on potential employees. A background check can save you THOUSANDS of Dollars!

JTAC Investigations is a full service, fully insured and licensed private investigation agency doing business in Vermont. We take great pride providing following professional services: 

Investigations & Surveillance 

> Work Place Investigations 

> Child Support Investigations

> Undercover Investigations

> Cheating Spouse / Significant Other 

> Insurance Investigation 

> Public Record Investigations 

> Trespassing/Property Damage Investigation

Background Checks & Screening

> Caregiver Checks  

> Law Enforcement Checks  

> Personal Background Checks


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