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Background Check Law Enforcement

Pre-employment background investigations are crucial to police departments. Nowhere is it more important to know about the background and characteristics of a potential employee than with those that we would chose to give a firearm and expect the utmost in credibility. JTAC Investigators know how to do these types of exhaustive investigations to insure that you get candidates that are up to your standards. In today’s litigious world can any agency afford to hire the “wrong” person? There are many reasons to hire JTAC to perform your background investigations.

Below is an excerpt from a letter that was sent to a Chief of Police that describes just a few reasons to consider an outside agency for your background needs.

Dear Chief,

Thank you for considering JTAC Investigations for your pre-employment background investigation needs. I do want you to know that I'm very conscious of the fact that most departments don't have any “extra” money, which is why they do their own background investigations even though their detectives are overworked. At JTAC we will do everything in our power to keep costs down while providing you with a professional, comprehensive background investigation. I guess the only thing that I can add are two things in support of having an outside agency (such as ours) doing your backgrounds are; I can do as much or as little on an investigation as you like, and we have done a lot of backgrounds and know what we’re doing. We would then provide you with the information on all your candidates and you would make your own confidential decision, not based on everyone being privy and making their own assumptions, which is what almost always happens in a small office.

I'll be back in touch and obviously there's no obligation to use me at all, in fact if you're doing backgrounds and I can help your investigator with some ideas I would be glad to do so. If you get a chance take a look at my web site


Until then, Mike


How Background Checks Work

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